Natural Hair DIYs

Week 2 of contribution to Goody On A Budget

Goody on a Budget

Hi guys, this is part two of Tamera’s natural hair journey. This week she’ll be telling you about doing DIYs for natural hair. Read part one here.

Becoming an Expert at DIY’S

An advantage to the DIY natural hair care route is that you have total control about all the ingredients you use, you can add a specific ingredient for certain benefits and its fun. However, in my opinion there are some disadvantages, for instance DIY products emphasize that they must be as natural as possible and usually with naturally derived preservatives. However, this may significantly reduce the shelf life of the products made and if you are not careful about how you store them you may encounter mold growing in your products. Additionally, sourcing some ingredients in Jamaica maybe on the expensive side, for example certain oils and butters can run you some good dollars and finally, many…

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