I went to Denbigh 2019!

This past August I went to the Denbigh Agricultural show for the first time. I had always wanted to go as a child but I never got the opportunity. Thinking about it….I never really went much of anywhere growing up….which is sad but I have made a vow to change that. The agricultural show, formally known as the Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show, is an annual event held in May Pen, Clarendon.

Me Posing at the Hi-Pro Booth

According to the Jamaica Agricultural Society (the entity responsible for staging the event), The Denbigh Show :

  • is the oldest, largest and most dynamic Agricultural Show in the English Speaking Caribbean
  • one of Jamaica’s most iconic events
  • held for the first time in 1952
  • attracts over 80,000 patrons to the event annually

So, Denbigh is a pretty a big deal in Jamaica, I still don’t know how it took me 23 years to reach but hey, better late than never. This year’s show was the 67th staging of the event and I managed to drag my mom along. We took many pictures, therefore the remainder of this blog post will be filled with them. I hope you guys enjoy this post!

My Mother Posing at the Hi-Pro Booth

The highlight of my day was when I visited the Isratech Jamaica Limited booth, a company that specializes in providing sustainable solutions for industries such as agriculture, water and energy. I have a background in studying aspects of sustainability, so their company really appealed to me.

I truly believed they captured the essence of the show’s theme which was “Aligning Farming Decisions with Climatic Conditions”. Their display of products and services offered by the company made me more aware that agriculture can benefit from technology. At their booth I saw a mechanism which was dubbed “Fertigation Equipment”, a system that irrigated and fertilized plants simultaneously with the use of technology.

Additionally, I saw the use of Eco plugs that can facilitate transplanting. The materials used to be make the plugs were biodegradable and would be of no harm to environment. So, if you wanted to start a back yard farming project, you could check them out.

I was very fascinated by all of this, you can see the pictures below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also saw displays of jams and jellies made in Jamaica from locally sourced fruits. My mother purchased the Otaheite Jam and I can report that it is delicious.



I visited the Coconut Industry Board’s booth and I found out that there are many varieties of coconuts! All my life I thought coconuts were just coconuts lol, knowledge is power my friends.


The natural hair blogger in me (Follow my hair page @tamis_fro on Instagram) was also very present! I had to find the natural hair products! I went to the Jahmek Beauty Systems Booth and viewed their “Wow” product line. The staff at the booth were really friendly! I bought their “Comb Free” product and used it to detangle my hair. I really liked it as it provided tons of slip and did not rip out my type 4 strands.

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I also got the opportunity to view some farm animals and I got my close up with a goat too!


As it is an agricultural show, there were many visual arrangements made up of fruits, vegetables and ground provisions.



Don’t forget the plants! I honestly regret not buying a couple.


I then ran into a very large chicken……..


He was a cool guy, we even took a picture together…..(pardon that other guy)

Tamera and the Chicken
Me and the Big Chicken


Overall, I had fun at Denbigh and I will be definitely visiting the show again. How about you guys? Have you ever been to Denbigh? If not, would you consider going?

Thanks for reading.

Until the next post!


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