My Struggles With Learning How to Drive in Jamaica

Hey, what’s up? My name is Tamera, I’m 23 years old, I’m a Jamaican and this is my first ever independent blog post. I created this word press account almost a year ago and I’ve just decided to take the writing plunge.

Introductions aside, lets’s get to the topic at hand: My Struggles With Learning How to Drive in Jamaica

I began driving lessons in the summer of 2017. I decided to learn the automatic transmission as I do not have the strength to take on standard transmission (fight me). At first it went pretty well; I caught on quickly and my instructor made me seem like I was actually made to drive (lol). However, after I did 10 lessons I didn’t feel ready to take the test and I had to go back to school as I was boarding away from home at the time. Unfortunately, while I spent another year at school I did not do any practice at all and the by the time I went back home in the following summer of 2018 I was back at square 1. By this time my first Provisional Driver’s License had expired and I needed to purchase another one. So I did that and went back to taking lessons at random intervals.

Initially, when I started my lessons they were JMD$1100 a lesson and by the time I came back the following year, the cost per lesson had jumped to JMD$1500. So you know as an unemployed university student/graduate I had to reallllly budget those lessons in. I eventually managed to secure a job, but another issue came up; I live far away from work so I didn’t have time to do lessons as frequently.

Now it’s May 2019, my second Provisional Driver’s License is expiring in July. I managed to get a couple more lessons in and my instructor told me to pay for the examination which is right around the corner.

The issue is, I don’t feel ready. Not only do I lack sufficient practice because I don’t have an available car at home, my instructor has sent into me a world wind of confusion.  After almost 2 years (On and OFF) of parking and reversing, he has just noticed that I am not very competent in a critical component of the road test. This discovery he conveniently made after he encouraged me to pay for the test and I now have a booked date waiting on me.

I am a nervous wreck.

Yes, my first blog is a blog of complaint, see with me. I am just so busted because I have invested considerably in getting this hurdle out of the way and now I feel like I have been wasting time. I want to punch myself.

So if you assumed that I’m here writing this blog as a means to seek validation for my feelings and to possibly get some encouragement, you are spot on. How do I pass my Driving Test knowing that there are so may things going against me; the likelihood that I may get a “fight out” (if you’re Jamaican you know wah mi mean), my lack of practice and the fact that I don’t want to spend anymore on lessons if my own instructor does not realize that he hasn’t been giving me comprehensive lessons.


Please send help.



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6 thoughts on “My Struggles With Learning How to Drive in Jamaica”

  1. I had a similar experience too! Ugh! My parallel parking was what needed the work and I figure that may be yours too. If so, pay for 2 sessions girl and master that parallel! It was worth it and like you, I also had had no family car either to practice on at the time. And somehow Jah shine him light on me and I passed everything first try. All the best though! I understand the nerves so much!!!! I was a nervous bawling wreck the night before my exam, oh and watching YouTube tutorials on how to parallel park helped, plus studying the diagrams in the road code book for how to do 3 point turns and all that. Best of luck! You got it sis!!!!

    (P.s. I’m shook that that’s the current price. I learned to drive from Keys HWT in 2017 and a class was $1,000… was $900 when I’d started in 2016). Damn inflation.

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    1. I’m almost there with the parallel parking. .I’m just iffy about the 3 point turn. The other thing I’m super nervous about is using a minor road to turn back on a major road, that’s what my instructor just a realize he didn’t do much of. I’m just hoping for the best if I don’t get it, I switch instructors. I’m still shook that this man charges so much and still wants to charge me $4000 to use his car for the test. ..might as well mi do a walking test

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