Introducing: Eat With Us Catering

Hey guys! For this blog post I will be introducing a new business venture on behalf of a friend. It’s a new catering business called “Eat With Us Catering”. Read on below for more information:


Eat with us graphic


Tired of seeing the same humdrum food for exorbitant prices? No worries, those concerns have fueled the creation of this catering service. We provide food that will induce nostalgia and euphoria in the minds and stomachs of our customers.

Passion about food and making people happy through food has become the impetus to provide quality food at reasonable prices. Currently we cater for birthday parties, baby showers, repast, corporate events and receptions.

Our services can be accessed by sending a direct message to eatwithus_ja on Instagram and Eat With Us Ja on Facebook or email at

Our operating number is 876-427-4330.

About Us

Eat With Us Catering is a catering company established in August 2019. We provide contemporary and traditional dishes from Jamaica tapping into our ‘Out of Many’ cultural influences. We come to you and cater to your epicurean appetite. Through our service we hope to concoct dream meals for our clients, so Come Eat With Us!



Give them a call if you’re ever in need of a catering service. Until the next post, bye for now.